How delusional are you when it comes to your survival skills 1-on-1 with an animal in the wild?

A couple of weeks ago, YouGov, a market research company, polled Americans asking them which animals each individual felt they could take on with their bare hands in a life or death situation.

It should come as no shock there's a portion of the population that's simply not rooted in reality as 9% said they could take out a crocodile, 8% said they could best a gorilla, an elephant and a tiger, while 6% thought they'd have no issue with a grizzly bear.

For today's poll, we put a Maine spin on things. Picture yourself out for a stroll in the state's vast wilderness and an animal hops out in front of you on the path. Where's your cutoff point between stand your ground or panic and run? Is it a lynx? A deer? Maybe you're just a crazy and like your chances against a black bear? Vote in today's poll and let us know! (Vote for all animals that you think you could take).

The second poll is quite simple. Do you enjoy camping, or do you prefer the fine amenities of, you know, a bed that's not on the ground in the woods.

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