Is there permanent birth control available for patients without the use of anesthesia? Yes, and it’s called Essure. It can be done in our office with a quick procedure that involves no cutting, no hormones, and no slowing down to recover,

I suffer from irregular and heavy periods, and I feel like I have tried everything. Can anything help? Yes. Dr. Smith is a pro at ending menstrual misery. There are many options for solving menstrual misery including, hormonal management, hormone IUD, endometrial ablation, or hysterectomy.

I think I am pregnant, how soon will I need an appointment? Typically, we begin seeing patients at eight weeks gestational age, or two months after your missed period.

Can I get an IUD for long-term birth control before having a baby? Yes. There are several options for IUD birth control that are safe to use prior to giving birth. Schedule an appointment today to sit down with one of our providers and they will assess your situation to see if you are a good candidate for this method.