The Greely Rangers defeated the Fryeburg Raiders 117-115 in 8 overtimes on Tuesday, January 31st! That's not a typo... It took 8 overtimes!

For those wondering, overtime in Maine High School basketball is 4 minutes long. So that means, they played 32 minutes of regulation time, and 32 minutes of overtime basketball!

Luckily both teams don't have to play on Wednesday, February 1st.

If you want to see the game, you can watch it below

Thanks to Jim Baines for posting the info and video on Facebook.

The scores were tied 61-61 at regulation, and 66-66 at the end of the 1st overtime, 74-74 at the end of the 2nd overtime, 85-85 at the end of the 3rd overtime, 92-92 at the end of the 4th overtime, 100-100 at the end of the 5th overtime, 105-105 at the end of the 6th overtime and 110-110 at the end of the 7th overtime!

Tyler Pettingill was the leading scorer for Greely with 39 points, with 9 3-pointers. Seamus Raftise had 23 points. Fryeburg Academy's leader scorer was Gunnar Saunders with 40 points. He had 4 3's and 10 free throws.

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