City planners in Waterville sure hope so! A plan is in place to convert an existing ball field into a replica of the famed Chicago stadium.

In the movie 'Field of Dreams,' Kevin Costner's character keeps hearing a whispered, 'If you build it, he will come' from his corn fields. And so he clears a portion of the land and builds a baseball diamond, which is soon visited by spirits of some of the great players of all time, including the lead character's father. And, sure enough, cars full of ball fans lined the country road to visit the heavenly stadium.

Waterville City Councilors are hoping for something like that to happen in their town when they renovate Purnell-Wrigley Ball Field into a replica of the Chicago Cubs' Wrigley Field. The plan is being done through a partnership with the Alfond Youth Center, which has been working with the Parks and Recreation department for about two years. The project will cost roughly one million dollars and is set to begin construction in June.

A full-service facility, the stadium will include a public address building, bathrooms, dugouts, lights, and access for children with disabilities. Technical school students will also build a concession stand.

City planners are hoping that if they build it, people will come, and it will generate revenue for the community. Maybe they could get Kevin Costner to throw out the first pitch!