Fall is a typical time of year that Maine and all of its glory can be found on many lists. It should be no surprise, considering the state was built for this time of year with all its beauty.

Maine is constantly being compared, contrasted, dissected, observed, and reviewed by travel websites from across the globe. These articles can be great reference guides to future vacationers or residents.

One of the latest articles to fall into this category is a list from the folks at the popular travel site Country Living. The original content found on the site consists of travel recommendations, incredible trip profiles, ranking lists, and reviews. It's an encyclopedia for any travel aficionado.

One of the site's latest articles is a list of the best places in America to visit during the Thanksgiving holiday. It's a group of towns that best represent what the holiday weekend is all about; places that are great to spend time with family, while enjoying the sights, sounds, flavors, and spirit of the region.

Considering Maine was made for this holiday, it should be no surprise to see it represented on the list. And Country Living chose Kennebunkport as the town that best represents this for the state.

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Kennebunkport is a fine choice. The town is a beautiful seaside gem in Southern Maine. It's loaded with local artisans, delicious restaurants, tasty craft beer, gorgeous places to stay, and historic architecture. Plus, who doesn't love stunning walks by the ocean on a cold, crisp late autumn day?

Here is a little from The Travel of why it chose to include Kennebunkport on this list.

Maine is gorgeous in the summer, but it's even better in the fall and early winter. The weather's still mild, and it's far less crowded, so you won't have to wait in line for your lobster roll or cup of chowder!

Kennebunkport is a great choice by the magazine. The reasons given are a perfect summary of what someone visiting could expect, and to be able to visit without hordes of tourists is a significant advantage. It doesn't matter that its colder this time of year; Kennebunkport is great for all seasons.

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Plus, who doesn't love hammering a fresh lobster roll when you get tired of eating turkey?

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