New Hampshire Maple Season is a Big Deal

Once a year in New Hampshire, the sugarhouses open their doors to the public so they can see what goes on with the production of maple syrup.

Families can not only see how the process happens, but they can also enjoy many maple treats.  It's a wonderful tradition for families in the Granite State.

Did you know that New Hampshire has the largest Producers Association of Maple Syrup in the entire world?

Andrew Chisholm is kind of a big deal.  He's the president of the NH Maple Association, which I always knew was cool, but I didn't realize just HOW cool it was.

I had an opportunity to talk to Andrew, and he told me a few things about the history of maple syrup production that I didn't have any idea about.

1.  Did you know that the school vacations in February and April were put in place so the kids could help their parents prepare for and clean up after the maple season?

2.  Andrew then told me that Peter Gregg, the publisher of Maple News (based out of Vermont) and THE industry publication, told him that New Hampshire has the largest Maple Producers Association in the entire world.  Andrew said that Peter couldn't believe how many sugarhouses there are in New Hampshire.

3.  The New Hampshire Maple Association sells New Hampshire maple syrup worldwide to countries like India, Columbia, and other Asian countries.  Imagine eating breakfast in Delhi and getting New Hampshire maple syrup.

4.  Canada, presumably a huge producer of maple syrup, blends their maple syrup harvest.  That means they put every sugarhouse maple syrup in the same pot, so when you get a bottle of Canadian syrup you won't know exactly where it came from.

Not so in New Hampshire.

Andrew said that the NH Producers Association does not mix their sugar.  If you get a product from New Hampshire or the Association, you will know EXACTLY where that sap ran.

How flippin' cool is that?  Pretty cool.

You might be asking yourself, how did the Granite State get this cool?  Grants. That's what Andrew said to me.  He has taken the time and effort to seek out grants.

I don't know all the details about that, but I do know that Vermont and any other state can apply for these grants as well (grant = money).  So don't be jealous, Green Mountain State.  Just get those grant applications going.

Have you ever been to a sugarhouse?   Which one is your favorite?

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