Regardless if you play the weekly games for money or the season long game for pride I’m here to help. Here are 5-players that WILL NOT be on my fantasy team this season.

  1. Tom Brady: I know, I know. I’m in New England. I’m not allowed to be critical of the GOAT. And make no mistake, that’s what he is. But here’s the thing. Sometimes in life greatness in one aspect of your life doesn’t equal greatness in another. Such is the case for Tom Brady. Sure, in those prime years he was a very good fantasy quarterback, including that one year with Randy Moss. But those days are behind him. What Brady does now is win Super Bowls, not your fantasy leagues. Fact is, last year TB12 was the 18th-ranked quarterback, yet he’s being taken as the 10th-best QB. That’s a big difference, and it’s an instance where name value and winning on the field equal an undeserved bump in the fantasy world. Also consider that New England is going to continue to transition into a more run-oriented offense. Trust me when I say you’ll love Tom Brady much more if you don’t have to worry about him as your fantasy quarterback.
  2. Le’Veon Bell: He’s a year removed from meaningful football. He’s playing on a BAD team. Even before his year away his numbers suggest the only thing keeping him relevant was over-usage. In fact, his per carry numbers were downright mediocre if not bad his final year in Pittsburgh. And now he’s gotten paid. I’m just not sure what to like about him. Considering he’s being drafted in the top five in most drafts I wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole.
  3. LeSean McCoy: Speaking of inefficient running backs in the AFC East, McCoy will likely give Bell a run for his money this year. Long gone is the player that electrified the league for the Philadelphia Eagles. Now you have a player who averaged just over 3-yards per carry last year, barely crossed the 500 yard threshold rushing, and also was sparingly used in the passing game. People were always concerned about his health, and he’s been healthy, but healthy and good are two different things. Considering he’s now sharing a backfield with the ageless Frank Gore among other backs, stay away.
  4. Antonio Brown: I may be wrong here, but I just get the feeling his head isn’t in the right place. Whether that be freezing his feet off in cryotherapy or trying to wear old helmets, it just feels like he’s due to have a really bad year. I also wonder just how good the Raiders will be. Derek Carr is now two years out from his last really productive season. The offense as a whole has been pretty bad these last two seasons. Are we really going to believe that a single wide receiver is going to make a difference? Color me skeptical. And when things go south, do you really want to have the enigma that is Brown on your team? Especially at a second round value? No thanks.
  5. Ezekiel Elliot/Melvin Gordon: Really quite simple here. Neither are on the field right now, and most indications suggest they won’t be on the field any time soon. Barring trades or major progress on a new deal I’m just not going to pay top dollar for players that may not even be there to start the year. Add that to the fact that, even if they do sign at some point, they’ll be behind the 8 ball and need a few weeks to get to game speed. If I’m spending a first round draft pick I’m doing it on a player I know will be there and be productive for 16 games.

Listen to Aaron's reasoning below:

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