The reigning two-time National Champion coach in men's college basketball is either en route or has already arrived in southern California to continue potential contract negotiations with the L.A. Lakers.

Just one question - why the hell would he want the job?

Dan Hurley's life is MADE right now at UConn. The guy is the king of his castle in Storrs, makes $6.5 million a year, and is the engineer of the most dominant unit in his sport.

The answer to that aforementioned question - money, and lots of it.

The Lakers are reportedly employing a "full-court press" to get Hurley to sign on the dotted line as their next head coach. Steve Kerr is the top-paid coach in the game at $17.5 million per year, followed by Pop at $16 million, then Spoelstra and $15mil followed by Ty Lue's new deal which is worth north of $14mil per season.

The Lakers know they have to make a Godfather offer to Hurley to get him to accept, so I'd expect the deal to be somewhere in that $13-$15 million range, more than double his current UConn salary.

Speaking of which, the Athletic Department back in Storrs is reportedly scrambling to try to up their offer and entice Hurley to stay put.

But again, beyond the money (which admittedly at that price is pretty impossible to turn away) Hurley is signing up for a job in which he'd be the 4th guy to lead the Lakers in the last seven years. That's less than a 2-year shelf life on average.

If it's not the most scrutinized position in all of North American professional sports, it's on the shortlist. So, while Hurley would have a lot of money coming his way, he would also put an even larger bullseye on his back than the one already there at the collegiate level.

Is there another position out there in the four leagues under as much of a microscope as the gig Hurley would be signing up for?

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