Did you put your name into the lottery to get a moose permit this year? If so, did you win? If you haven't checked the list yet, here's your chance!

For anyone who doesn't know, hunting moose is different than hunting for deer. In Maine, if you have a hunting license, you can shoot one deer during deer season. But you have to have a special permit to hunt Moose.

Because the population of moose is not as great as deer in Maine, the state restricts the number of moose who can be killed each year. So each year, Mainers apply for the Moose Lottery and then cross their fingers that their name will be called.

There are restrictions, like, if you win a moose permit, you have to wait three years before applying again. All the restrictions can be viewed at the State of Maine's website.

The moose lottery drawing was held in Presque Isle over the weekend and the winners have been posted! Click the link below to find out if your name is on the list!