Even the best of us get tricked once and awhile, and that happened to Mike Golic and Trey Wingo of ESPN Radio on Thursday morning with a Maine satire website.

Coming out of their headlines in the 8 a.m. hour, Wingo read a "news" story about a basketball game in Greenville that had to be stopped after a basketball rolled underneath a furnace in the gymnasium. Both of the hosts joked about the game having to end due to the ball being lodged and ruined, but the problem was the incident never happened.

The story came from the satire site of New Maine News, which also has stories with the titles like “Classic Boiled Dinner In Decline As More Maine Youth Discover Flavor” and “Physicists Discover A Evidence Of Third Maine”.  Though the site doesn’t openly admit to the satire in its “About” section, it is very obvious in the context of the posts that it is one.

Listen for yourself and hear Golic and Wingo get duped about this Maine sports series (around the 2:00 mark).  By the way, the show never corrected the story in the rest of the program.

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