The Maine Soccer Coaches Association have just announced their 2022 All-New England selections! Congratulations to all!


  • Myles Culley, Waynflete School, Forward
  • Will Fallona, Scarborough High School, Forward
  • Jack Banks, Brunswick High School, Midfield
  • Gabe Berenyi, Bangor High School, Midfield
  • Mohamed Adow, Edward Little High School, Forward
  • David Abdi, Lewiston High School, Midfield
  • Hunter Clukey, John Bapst Memorial High School, Midfield
  • Andrew Poulin, Winslow High School, Forward
  • Kilson Joao, Scarborough High School, Forward
  • Liam Hickey, Yarmouth High School, Back
  • Jon Pangburn, John Bapst Memorial High School, Midfield
  • Shafi Ibrahim, Lewiston High School, Forward
  • Noah Flagg, Scarborough High School, Back


  • Ava Feeley, Yarmouth High School, Forward
  • Lana Djuranovic, Scarborough High School, Midfield
  • Angel Huntsman, North Yarmouth Academy, Forward
  • Ella Hosford, Bucksport High School, Midfield
  • Bella Tanis, Brewer, Keeper
  • Alexis Morin, Brunswick High School, Forward
  • Julia Black, Scarborough High School, Back
  • Abbey Thornton, Windham High School, Midfield
  • Lyndsee Reed, Hermon High School, Forward
  • C C Duryee, Cape Elizabeth High School, Forward
  • Ali Mokriski, Scarborough High School, Forward
  • Angel Huntsman, North Yarmouth Academy, Forward
  • Rylee Speed, Central High School, Forward
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