The decision regarding the fall high school sports season was thought to be delivered yesterday, but that final ruling was moved to today, Thursday September 10th, 2020.
• The Maine Principal’s Association is expected to share their guidelines with schools at some point during the day Thursday.
• Wednesday multiple state agencies involved in this decision making process - The MPA, DHHS, Maine School Superintendents Association, Maine School Board Association, Department of Education, and the Governor’s office – did reach a consensus on the guidelines surrounding a return to play plan.
• Last Month the MPA came out with their proposal, but that was rejected by the Department of Health and Human Services, with corrections and alterations to be made to allow practices and games to be held.
• It appears those changes were approved by those state agencies involved and now the plan just needs to be finalized to move forward with the start of the preseason workouts and sessions planned for this coming Monday the 14th.
• None of the details about those changes were made public, but the expectation based on the state’s Community Sports Guidelines crafted by the Department of Economic and Community Development is for Golf, Cross Country, Field Hockey and Soccer to have their seasons, with some game, planning, and rules modifications.
• Football and Volleyball are still question marks for the fall, and some have suggested those sports will be moved to a modified season between the winter sports season and the spring sports season.
• And all of this will just be a guideline as all schools will make their own decisions with this as a base model to be determined by the school board, superintendent, principal, and athletic directors to make a final decision for each school

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