With yesterday's 10-point loss to the Chiefs, the Patriots slumped to 3-11 this season, the worst mark in Bill Belichick's 24 seasons with the team. The 11 losses also match the most Belichick has ever suffered during his coaching career.

With a new "report" on the daily about his future - yesterday it was NFL Network's Ian Rapaport countering NBC Sports Boston's Tom E. Curran's reporting of a "decision" by saying no firm decision has yet been made - one thing is for certain, these are as uncertain times the franchise has had since Robert Kraft purchased the team in 1994.

Throughout the season, we've been taking the temps on Belichick and the future in various polls.

Prior to the loss in Germany, we asked, "should Belichick get fired if the Pats lose to Indy in Frankfurt?" 44% said wait until the off-season to move on, while 33% said to get it over with. That's 77% not wanting him back in '24.

In late October, 44% said they "were ready for a change" after it was reported that last off-season Belichick signed a contract extension. On Oct. 18, 52% of voters said Belichick no longer ranks in the top-10 in active NFL coaches. And before the season even began, 35% gave Bill a D, 35% gave him a C and 15% gave him an F for his roster building over the last five seasons.

There's been a ton of anti-Bill sentiment from Patriots Nation anywhere you look. Yet, the later we get into the season and the more the losses continue to pile, there's now a small faction of musket wielding wall defenders coming to Bill's aid and putting the blame for any negativity squarely at the feet of the Boston media.

Should Bill be willing to hand over his GM duties and allow someone else to make the decision at the top of the draft and how the team will spend it's nearly $100 million in cap money this off-season, would you want him back to roam the sidelines in 2024?

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