Because rain interrupted Speedway 95’s program on July 29, three divisions did make up races Saturday night along with their regularly scheduled races of the night. This made for a great night of racing as no one doubled up in the win column.

In the Dysart’s Late Models, John Curtin Jr. of Hermon led the caution free make-up race from the green to the checkers after starting on the pole. Donnie Blanchard of Glenburn took the second spot after a race long battle with Todd Lawrence of Levant, who finished third. Matthew Bourgoine of Stetson was fourth with Deane Smart of Milford finishing fifth. In the regularly scheduled 25 lapper, Matthew Bourgoine led that one from start to finish, taking his first checkered flag of the season. Deane Smart followed him for the entire distance, but was unable to unseat him from the lead, and finished in the runner up spot. Brenton Parritt of Steuben made his first appearance of the season and after a spirited battle with John Curtis that wasn’t decided until the final lap, took the third place trophy. Curtis finished fourth with Todd Lawrence finishing fifth.

Doug Day of Glenburn earned his first checkered flag of the season in a feature in the Street Stocks after holding off a hard charge from 5 time winner Cole Robinson of Palmyra. Robinson finished second, with Scott Modery of Hermon, who led early in the event, finishing third. James Goodman of Carmel was fourth with Keith Ogden of Holden finishing fifth. When the Street Stocks took to the track for the second feature of the night, Jeff Alley of Machias led from the pole to lap 18 when Cole Robinson took the lead and went on the claim the win, his 6th of the season. Alley finished second, with Troy Patterson of Winterport in third. Fourth went to Doug Day of Glenburn with Ben Ashline of Winthrop coming back from an early excursion into the turn one berm to finish fifth.

The Sport-Fours was the third division to do double duty, with the make-up feature going to Lewis Batchelder of Dixmont after he swapped the lead several times with Jason Morse of Hermon as the pair battled side by side until Batchelder took the lead for good on lap 12 and led to the checkers. Morse finished second, with Kris Foss of Levant finishing third. Fourth went to Robert Mushero of W. Enfield, with Darius Miranda of Orono fifth. In the second feature of the night for the division, Isaac Rollins of Hudson took the win in his first appearance of the season. Kris Foss of Levant led the first 7 laps, until Rollins passed him and stayed out front to the end. Lewis Batchelder was also able to get by Foss to finish second, with Foss finishing third. Craig Robbins of Montville came in fourth with Roy Hathorn of Brownville finishing fifth.

The Coca-Cola Caged Runners raced only one 25 lap feature for the night, with Kyle Robinson of Clinton taking the win following a long battle with Casey Bellows of Fairfield, who finished second. The pair raced side by side and nose to tail with Robinson holding Bellows off from lap 8 to the checkers. Third went to Horace Crawford of Troy, with David Boulier of Bucksport and Delaney Dunn of Otis rounding out the top five.

The Wicked Good Vintage Racing League was also on hand for the night with their Outlaw division putting on the show. Kevin Sherman of Wiscasset was the winner, taking the lead on lap four of the 20 lap feature and copping the win. Doug Tourtellotte of Bowdoinham finished second with Doug Pickard of Durham finishing third.



20 LAP MAKE-UP FROM 7/29/23

1.     12 John Curtis Jr. Hermon

2.     77 Donnie Blanchard, Glenburn

3.     6 Todd Lawrence, Levant

4.     38 Matthew Bourgoine, Stetson

5.     24 Deane Smart, Milford


1.     38 Matthew Bourgoine, Stetson

2.     24 Deane Smart. Milford

3.     27 Brenton Parritt, Steuben

4.     12 John Curtis Jr., Hermon

5.     6 Todd Lawrence, Levant


30 LAP MAKE-UP FROM 7/29/23

1.     69 Doug Day, Glenburn

2.     61R Cole Robinson, Palmyra

3.     1 Scott Modery, Hermon

4.     15 James Goodman. Carmel

5.     11 Keith Ogden, Holden


1.     61R Cole Robinson

2.     24 Jeff Alley, Machias

3.     74 Troy Patterson, Winterport

4.     69 Doug Day, Glenburn

5.     24S Ben Ashline, Winthrop



1.     23 Lewis Batchelder, Dixmont

2.     14 Jason Morse, Hermon

3.     4 Kris Foss, Levant

4.     99 Robert Mushero, W. Enfield

5.     04 Darius Miranda, Orono


1.     10 Isaac Rollins, Hudson

2.     23 Lewis Batchelder, Dixmont

3.     4 Kris Foss, Levant

4.     2 Craig Robbins, Montville

5.     07 Roy Hathorn, Brownville


1.     2 Kyle Robinson, Clinton

2.     9 Casey Bellows, Fairfield

3.     00 Horace Crawford, Troy

4.     33 David Boulier, Bucksport

5.     51 Delaney Dunn, Otis


1.     75 Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset

2.     00 Doug Tourtellote,, Bowdoinham

3.     61 Doug Pickard, Durham

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