Did you miss something from The Morning Line? Or want to hear it again? Check back through our conversations here.

Tuesday we talked Red Sox with Al Nahigian from Couch Guy Sports - This was before Boston took 2 of the next 3 games from Tampa bay and Al was a bit pessimistic

Wednesday was Truth Or Throck Day, and this week Tim had three stories about NFL players, were they all in the Hall-of-Fame, were they all MVP's, how many were both? We went through that, and found out which stories were true and which ones were crafted by Tim Throckmorton.

Also Wednesday it was the day after the NFL Roster cut downs were due in to the league, and the shockwaves were still rolling about New England releasing Cam Newton. We discussed that with Alex Barth of 98.5 The Sports Hub.

Thursday always means Cinema Savvy and a review of the latest version of horror movie Candyman was given by our Brandon Doyen. Is it as good as the original? Was it worth watching? Will you like it? Find out in his review.

And Friday we had some fun and talked about the New York Giants with friend of the show Steve Helling from People Magazine. Is he optimistic about the G-Men's chances? We also find out what type of record for the Giants would make happy this season.

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