We get your Thursday morning started on the right foot with Wayne, Bryan, and Jeff touring the world of sports.

The Boston Bruins finished off their first round NHL playoff series against Carolina, we update that and other scores around the league.

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The Boston Celtics took a 2-0 lead after another career playoff scoring high from Jayson Tatum, we have those details and other details from around the NBA.

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The losing streak is over for the Boston Red Sox, and we let you know who led the Bosox to the win against Philly.

A couple of COVID-19 outbreaks have stopped two college football teams from practicing, we have that information for you.

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And there was a legal decision regarding the case against Robert Kraft, we let you know what the ruling was and what may happen next

High school sports players, coaches, administrators have to wait another week to find out if they will play this fall, we explain why in our trip around all the sports notes you need to know to start your day the right way.