While Tim Throckmorton had Wednesday morning off, Truth or Throck couldn't take a break, we still had three stories, with one of them being made up completely.

And the topic was stories about people named Tim Throckmorton.

1 – Tim Throckmorton is the Senior Vice President of Webster Private Bank and their Director of Fiduciary Services – He graduated from Quinnipac and has his law degree from New York Law School, his bachelor’s comes from the University of Denver.
• One of his lifelong passions is singing, and Tim is a veteran of more than 50 opera, operetta and musical productions.

2 – Tim Throckmorton is a former professional skateboarder, who now works in real estate and owns a skate shop in Portland, Oregon, who also has a chain of 4 marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, he is in the planning stages of 7 more with a plan of expanding to areas with little or no access to dispensaries.
• His motto is “We Got Everything You Need For Weed” and “Keep Blazing Stay Amazing”

3 – Tim Throckmorton is part of Electro Purification LLC. The company purchases groundwater rights in central Texas and through treatment of the water removes heavy metals from the water and creates drinking water for surrounding areas with their patented process.
• Tim Throckmorton and Electro Purification have a team of engineers and hydrologists who have worked on water projects in Texas for years

All you have to do is determine which one of these is completely made up.

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