Tim Throckmorton rolls out three more stories this week all dealing with the legend of NBA star Chris Paul.

And as a side note we are still unsure if he is related to the Paul family from Orono.

Two of these stories are 100% true, one of these stories is 100% Throck.

Can you figure out the fake?

2021 NBA Finals - Game One
Getty Images

Is it the story about Paul scoring 61 points in a tribute to his grandfather who passed away at the age of 61?

Is it about the time Paul got in to a scuffle with Tim Duncan at Wake Forest and his mother told Chris to apologize?

Is it about the time Chris Paul went back to school, but went to Harvard and was in class with Todd Smith, also known as LL Cool J?

Listen back and see if you can solve the riddle provided to us by Tim Throckmorton, we play the game every Wednesday at 6:35am.


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