Oxford Hills High school quarterback Colton Carson has been selected as Class A North Player of the Year. Bangor place two players on the All-Conference team, RB Gabe Higgins and DL Bryce Henaire.

Carson passed for 1,047 yards and eight TDs in regular season play. He rushed for another 686 yards and 16 TDs.

Portland and Oxford Hills will play in the regional final Friday night.

Check out the award winners...


Coach of the Year:  Mark Soehren, Oxford Hills Comp. HS

Ass’t Coach of the Year:  Nate Danforth, Oxford Hills Comp. HS

Lineman of the Year:   Koa Farnsworth, Portland HS

Player of the Year:  Colton Carson, Oxford Hills Comp. HS

OFFENSE:                                                                                            DEFENSE:

QB - Colton Carson, Oxford Hills                                   DL – Bryce Henaire, Bangor

QB - Leighton Girardin, Edward Little                            DL - Austin Doughty, Oxford Hills

RB – Gabe Higgins, Bangor                                       DL – Dominick Colon, Lewiston

RB – Stuart Salom, Windham HS                                  DL – Nate Kaponga, Portland

RB – Zackery Elowitch, Portland HS                              DE – Vincent Morrone, Cheverus

WR – Janek Luksza, Oxford Hills                                   DE – Nick Davis, EL

WR – Josh Hamel, Edward Little HS                              DE – JJ Worster, Oxford Hills

WR – Jon Knight, Edward Little HS                                 DE – Jonah Green, Portland

TE – Garrett Peeples, Windham HS                                LB - Teigan Lindsteadt, Cheverus

OL -  Tony Fournier, Edward Little HS                              LB – Kevin Haskell, Edward Little

OL – David Dingley, Oxford Hills Comp. HS                    LB – Parker LaFrance, Oxford

OL – Koa Farnsworth, Portland HS                                 LB – Cole Dunham, Oxford Hills

OL – Ben Levine, Portland HS                                         LB - Tanner Cortes, Lewiston

OL – Gunnar Winslow, Edward Little HS                         LB – Ben Trefethen, Portland

OL – Braxton Cassidy, Windham HS                              DB – Sean Tompkins, Cheverus

OL – Chris Vincent, Portland HS                                     DB - Ricky Cote, Edward Little

Utility – Dylon Jackson, Lewiston HS                              DB – Alex Turner, Oxford Hills

Utility - Grant Jacobson, Portland HS                              DB - Hunter Landry, Lewiston

Kicker - Janek Luksza, Oxford Hills                                DB - Ben Stasium, Portland  Punter - Janek Luksza, Oxford Hills

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