It's that time again to vote for this week's Tool of the Week!  This time we head to the college grid iron where two players let the ball literally slip out of their hands just a bit too early.  Read up on the candidates below and let us know who is the Tool of the Week!

South Carolina State kick returner Ahmaad Harris had a moment he'd like to regret after fielding a kick versus Clemson on Saturday.  Harris came up with the ball cleanly, but then threw the ball to the official, not realizing that he hadn't downed the play yet.  The Tigers swarmed on the ball and came up with a lucky TD.  To make matters even worse, the game was such a blowout that both teams agreed to shorten the game six minutes in the second half.

University of California running back Vic Enwere was off to the races and looked destined to put the Bears up for good against Texas Saturday night.  The problem was that he released the ball on the one yard line instead of getting the score.  Longhorn players picked up the ball, but didn't realize that the ball was alive and officials ruled the ball dead at the one yard line.  Not only did Enwere cost himself a TD, but he almost gave Texas the chance at the improbable come back.

We need your help to tell us which one of these two dropped ball performances from the college ranks is the more deserving moment for the Tool of the Week!