As the regular season closes, the Bangor baseball team will finish as #1 seed with a 15-1 record in Class A. The Brewer softball team finishes #1 Class B with a 16-0 record.

The Rams beat up Hampden 10-0 in the season finale last night. Zach Copperthwaite got the complete game win.

Bangor broke the game open with a six run 5th inning. The big hit was a grand slam by Nick Canaar.

The top eight teams move on to the playoffs next week.

Boys' Spring Baseball - Varsity (2017-2018)
Class A - North
Ranking by Tournament IndexHEAL POINT STANDINGS
1. Bangor H.S.151037.1250189.6094
2. Oxford Hills Comp.133032.1250151.3281
3. Edward Little H.S.133032.2500144.2969
4. Lewiston H.S.124029.7500120.0781
5. Hampden Acad.115027.2500109.8438
6. Mt. Ararat H.S.115027.000082.5781
7. Skowhegan Area H.S.88019.750071.5625
8. Messalonskee H.S.88019.750050.5469
9. Camden Hills Reg. H.S.31307.375021.2500
10. Cony41209.875016.6406
11. Brunswick H.S.31307.500012.2656
12. Mt. Blue H.S.11502.37507.4219


2018 Brewer Softball 1
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The Brewer softball team completed its regular season with a 6-2 win vs Nokomis. Head coach Skip Estey says it's the first time in time his time as coach that the Witches have had a 16-0 season and maybe the first time ever.

Brewer accumulated 214 Heal Points along the way to the top seed.

In Class B, the top 14 teams earn postseason spots.

Girls' Spring Softball - Varsity (2017-2018)
Class B - North
Ranking by Tournament IndexHEAL POINT STANDINGS
1. Brewer H.S.160038.5000216.0938
2. Old Town H.S.151035.5000182.5781
3. Oceanside H.S.142033.3750149.2969
4. Hermon H.S.133030.6250141.0156
5. Foxcroft Acad.133030.3750121.4844
6. Medomak Valley H.S.106024.0000100.3125
7. Winslow H.S.115026.125099.7656
8. Gardiner Area H.S.106024.125090.0781
9. Lawrence H.S.88019.000074.2969
10. Nokomis Reg. H.S.97021.375073.2813
11. Presque Isle H.S.79016.250058.1138
12. Belfast Area H.S.79016.750056.5625
13. Ellsworth H.S.610014.250052.8125
14. Mt. Desert Isl. H.S.97021.125052.7344
15. Erskine Acad.511011.750044.3750
16. Caribou H.S.41109.375037.8795
17. John Bapst Mem. H.S.79016.375030.5469
18. Waterville Sr. HS41209.375027.8906
19. Washington Acad.31207.000012.5781
20. MCI31207.12508.8281
21. Mount View H.S.11502.37505.8594


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