I was at the Old Town Invitational Cross Country races at Old Town High School this past Saturday. There was a big time difference between those finishing near the top, and those who finished near the end.

I will tell you that those who finished near the end should be congratulated as much as those who finished near the top. That's why when we post results, we include everyone in a cross country race and not just the Top 10.

Gary Allen, the organizer of the MDI Marathon and a long-time cross country coach will tell you that running is supposed to be fun. It is one of those lifelong sports, that you can participate for health and fitness until you can't walk.

Looking for inspiration? Mary Hartt has run a marathon in nearly every state, and she's still going into her 70s.

Orono's Ruth White, the best runner in the state,  knows the importance of cheering everyone on, as I see her winning a race and after cooling off and hydrating going back to the chute and cheering on everyone as they finish.

Cross Country and swimming are two sports where you really are competing against yourself, trying to improve your own personal times. As a matter of fact I heard one racer exclaim with glee that he had bettered his own personal record time by 8 minutes.

I didn't see one runner walk over the finish line. Everyone ran as they finished.

Keep going! I know I and many others are proud of you and your accomplishments.

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