Mercifully, we're just a few games away from the end of the 2021-22 NBA regular season. Don't get me wrong, the Celtics have been incredibly fun to watch over the last three and a half months, but they're the exception rather than the rule.

The NBA's regular season is always filled with a balanced mix of teams that are tanking and those who are simply on cruise control until the postseason, which is when they'll actually start trying. Once again, the Celtics have not been that way. They've brought an energy to the court every night that makes their games enjoyable no matter who they're playing.

But of the four major sports, the Association's 82-game slate is certainly the least important. Divisions don't mean anything and often it doesn't matter what seed the quality teams enter the postseason as, the cream tends to rise.

Sure, the NHL plays the same number of regular season contests as the NBA, but you can't really fake hockey. There's no giving less than 100% on the ice. If you do, it ends in injury. Therefore, the NHL's regular season isn't the drag that the NBA's can be.

Then there's the arduous marathon of an MLB season that's about to begin in 24 hours (for some teams, 48 for the Sox).

Nobody, and I mean nobody, watches all 162 games unless they're perched in the dugout or front office for one of the 30 teams across the league. It's simple, really, the fewer games played, the more importance each one takes.

Is the NBA or MLB more in need of a shortened regular season?

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