It's been a rough week for the Boston Red Sox. First, the team dealt with a few positive COVID cases in the clubhouse. Then, they lost manager Alex Cora for that very reason and had to set off on a 10-game road trip without the skipper.

The team hasn't won since last Friday night in Tampa Bay, is off to a 3-8 start vs. Tampa Bay, Toronto and the Yankees, and have dropped seven of their last nine games overall.

Last night may have been the ugliest loss yet, though that term has been used a couple times in recent days. Up three runs, Boston was unable to lock it down late as Jake Diekman coughed up the lead in the ninth and Matt Barnes allowed the inherited runner on 2nd to score in the 10th.

It's only been a little more than a week, but pretty much every break seems to be going against the Sox at the moment, leading to some frustrating games to watch and listen to.

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, the Bruins gearing up for a run at the cup and not to mention everything else you might have going on, are the Red Sox bringing enough to the table to keep your attention?

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