One week after the Maine Principals Association passed the new five class system, the basketball committee approved the venues for the various classes.The Cross Center in Bangor will continue to host classes B, C and D North, the Augusta Civic Center will pick up the new class AA North while AA South plays in Portland.

The committee also gave preliminary approval to start the tournament in Augusta two days earlier by playing two AA North quarterfinals on Wednesday and the other two on Thursday. Only the top 6 team in class AA will make the tournament which means 4 fewer quarterfinals are needed.

All quarterfinal games in Portland will be played at the Expo before moving to the Cross Arena for semifinals and Southern Maine championships.


Cross Center - Bangor

  • Class B North
  • Class C North
  • Class D North

Augusta Civic Center

  • Class AA North
  • Class A North
  • Class C South
  • Class D South

Portland Expo / Cross Arena - Portland

  • Class AA South
  • Class A South
  • Class B South

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