The Brewer Boy's Basketball Team closed out the 2021-22 regular season with a 64-53 victory over Bangor at Brewer High School on Thursday, February 10th.

Brewer led 12-9 at the end of the 1st Quarter and 26-18 at the end of the 1st Half. The Witches led 49-29 at the end of the 3rd Quarter.

Brewer had 4 players in double figures. Brady Saunders led the way with 21 points, while Aaron Newcomb had 12 points. Both Colby Smith and Brock Flagg finished with 11 points. The Witches were 14-16 from the free throw line. Brewer had 10 3-pointers in the game. Aaron Newcomb, Brady Saunders and Brock Flagg all had 3 3-pointers while Colby Smith had 1 as well.

Bangor was led by Landon Clark who had a game high 23 points, scoring 18 in the 2nd half, to try and lead Bangor back. He was 12-14 from the free throw line, including going 9-10 in the 4th Quarter. Brayden Caron had 8 points. The Rams were 14-17 from the free throw line and had 5 3-pointers. Brayden Caron had 2 3's while Ben Caron, Keegan Cyr and Landon Clark each having 1 3-pointer.

Brewer finishes the regular season 16-2, and will be the 2nd seed in Class A North

Bangor finishes the season 6-12 and in all likelihood will be the 7th seed in Class AA North. The Heal Point Standings will be finalized Friday, February 11th.

Thanks to Coach Tyler Smith for the stats

Line Score

Bangor Boys99112453
Brewer Boys1214231564

Box Score


1Ben Caron521100
2Keegan Cyr310100
10Wyatt Stevens000000
11Landon Clark235411214
13Max Clark000000
15Ryan Howard844000
20Luke Missbrenner000000
22Colton Emerson000000
23Brayden Caron820222
30Kadin Thomas000000
33Scott Fahey000000
44Connor Boone000000
44Jackson Varenkamp633001
50Jackson Vorenkamp000000
55Seth Mikalic000000


1Evan Nadeau000000
4Colby Smith1143122
10Kyle Horr000000
13Brady Saunders2163366
14Aiden Davis000000
20Aaron Newcomb1241312
22Evan Glass211000
24Ryder Goodwin711056
32Brock Flagg1141300
34Cameron Hughes000000
40Braden Carr000000
42Titus Philbrook000000

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