Earlier this school year Brunswick High School fired their head football coach after an investigation in to reports of hazing of players at a team retreat in August. The season was cancelled after the firing and all game were off.

The Maine Principal's Association has a rule if a team calls off their season at any point during their season, that team is suspended for two years.

Now Brunswick high school is appealing to the MPA to reinstate the program for the fall of 2022 season.

That appeal will be heard during the third week of January, and it's expected the MPA will make a decision the same day as the hearing and the school can move forward from there.

However there are reports of frustration with the school department on behalf of the Brunswick police department because of roadblocks that came up during the investigation.

We talked with the Sports Editor of the Brunswick Times Record Bill Stewart about it on The Morning Line.

You can find links to their most recent stories on the subject here for the MPA appeal and here for the police frustration.

You can listen to our interview with Bill Stewart again here.

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