Three weeks ago Florida pro Michael Kartrude collected a $7,000 check for winning the Greater Bangor Open Golf Tournament. Now he's trying to collect another big check in Augusta.

The Charlie's Maine Open is underway at Augusta Country Club. This is the seventh year Augusta CC has hosted the tourney but it is the 100th anniversary year of the event.

The GBO is 52-years-old and so how many times has the same golfer won both events?

Twice. Paul Barkhouse in 1972 (both events played at Bangor Municipal GC) and Jeff Lewis in 1985 (Bangor Muni & Springbrook GC).

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1918 Waterville CC Arthur H. Fenn Alex Chisholm
1919 Kebo Valley GC F. A. Gilman Alex Chisholm
1920 Poland Spring GC Charles L. Mothersele Alex Chisholm
W. C. Skelly
1921 Poland Spring GC Charles L. Mothersele Arthur H. Fenn
1922 Kebo Valley GC Ernest Ryall George Dodge
1923 Poland Spring GC Willie Ogg Herb Lagerblade
1924 Poland Spring GC Gil Nichols George Dodge
F. A. Gilman
Alex Chisholm
1925 Poland Spring GC J. M. Robbins (a) Frank Gilman
Ray Ouimet
1926 Poland Spring GC Herb Lagerblade G. Voight (a)
George Dodge
Dr. F. C. Tyson
1927 Penobscot Valley CC Ernest Newnham Sam Tirabassi
1928 Webhannet GC Alex Chisholm Sam Tirabassi
1929 Poland Spring GC Alex Chisholm George Dodge
1930 Penobscot Valley CC Les Tate Ernie Ryal
1931 Wawenock CC Les Tate Ernie Ryal
1932 Old Orchard Beach CC Ernest Newnham Ernie Ryal
Jack Leddy (a)
1933 Summit Spring GC Ernest Newnham Charlie Webber (a)
1934 Augusta CC Ernest Newnham Charlie Webber (a)
1935 Penobscot Valley CC Ernest Newnham John Boyd (a)
1936 Portland CC Ernest Newnham Eddie Bush
1937 Augusta CC Larry Rowe Andy Gray
1938 Riverside GC Jim Browning Vic Overhamer
1939 Mingo Springs
Rangeley GC
Roy Adams Leo Hansberry
1940 Wawenock CC Eddie Bush Joe Pino
1941 Augusta CC Willie Wansa Roy Adams
1942 Riverside GC Jerry Gianferante Roy Adams
1943 Not Held
1944 Riverside GC Larry Leete (a) Ernest Newnham
1945 Bath CC Leo Hansberry Pete Moran
1946 Bath CC Ed Abbott (a) Jim Browning
1947 Penobscot Valley CC Ed Abbott (a) Harold Wiley
1948 Augusta CC Les Kennedy Leo Hansberry
1949 Augusta CC Charlie Shepard Les Kennedy
1950 Riverside GC Charlie Shepard Leo Hansberry
1951 Riverside GC Jim Browning Jerry Gianferante
1952 Augusta CC Jerry Gianferante Leo Hansberry
Joe Wells
John Thoren
1953 Augusta CC Art Butler (a) George Kinsman
1954 Portland CC Phil Friel Ray Lebel (a)
1955 Riverside GC Jim Browning Andy Manero
John  Thoren
1956 Riverside GC Art Butler (a) Ed “Porky” Oliver
1957 Riverside GC Jim Browning Bill Ezinicki
Dick Diversi (a)
1958 Riverside GC Bob Crowley Willie Goggin
1959 Penobscot Valley CC Bob Toski Bobby Locke
1960 Augusta CC Bill Eznicki Bob Crowley
1961 Riverside GC Charlie Shepard Bob Crowley
Don Hoenig
1962 Riverside GC Jim Veno (a) Jim Browning
1963 Riverside GC Dan Keefe Jay Dolan
1964 Riverside GC Ed Whalley Bill Ezinicki
Ed Rubis
1965 Riverside GC Jim Veno Tony Loch
1966 Riverside GC Ron Leclair Charlie Volpone
1967 Riverside GC Rich Bassett Dave Marad
1968 Riverside GC Bob Pacheco John Mills (a)
1969 Riverside GC Jim Gillis Jim Veno
Barrie Bruce (a)
Dick Stranahan
1970 Riverside GC
Portland CC
Ron Rief Dave Eichelberger
1971 Riverside GC Steve Robbins (a) Lanny Wadkins
Jim Dent
Paul Moran
1972 Bangor Municipal GC Paul Barkhouse Rick Ambrose
1973 Fairlawn G&CC
Martindale CC
Ralph Johnston Joe Browning
Paul Barkhouse
1974 Riverside GC Paul Barkhouse Joe Browning
1975 Riverside GC Bob Menne Wayne Levi
1976 Riverside GC Curt Madson Bruce Dobie
1977 Fairlawn G&CC
Riverside GC
Don Iverson Rex Caldwell
1978 Riverside GC Charles Volpone Kirk Hanefeld
Jack Ferenz
1979 Riverside GC Jeff Lewis Kirk Hanefeld
Ron Smith
1980 Riverside GC Don Brigham Paul Moran
1981 Gorham CC
Riverside GC
Don Robertson Don Kalode
1982 Riverside GC Charles Smith Kirk Hanefeld
Tim Angis
1983 Gorham CC David O’Kelly Jeff Lewis
1984 Springbrook GC Dana Quigley Jeff Lewis
1985 Springbrook GC Jeff Lewis Howie Johnson
Joe Browning
1986 Springbrook GC Mike Colandro Charles Smith
1987 Riverside GC Mike Colandro Jeff Lewis
Wilhelm Winsness
1988 Riverside GC Wilhelm Winsness Gus Ulrich
Jim Becker
1989 Riverside GC Andy Morse Jim Becker
1990 Riverside GC Pete Morgan Jerry Diphillippo
1991 Riverside GC Mike San Filippo Jeff Grygiel
1992 Riverside GC Joe Clark, Jr. Jeff Julian
1993 Riverside GC Brian Quinn Jeff Lewis
Mark Fogg
1994 Riverside GC David Cummings Kevin Giancola
1995 Riverside GC Jerry Diphilippo Doug Johnson
1996 Point Sebago Resort Geoff Sisk Eric Egloff
1997 Point Sebago Resort Rodney Butcher Doug Johnson
1998 Falmouth CC
Woodlands Club
Portland CC
Joe Cioe David Gunas, Jr.
1999 Purpoodock Club
Falmouth CC
Woodlands Club
Kyle Gallo John Connelly
2000 Woodlands Club
Portland CC
Purpoodock Club
Benjamin Nicolay Rich Parker
2001 Portland CC
Purpoodock Club
Falmouth CC
James Gilleon Matthew Doyle
2002 Riverside GC Ryan Ouellette Eric Egloff
2003 Riverside GC Kirk Hanefeld Mike Meehan
2004 Riverside GC Shawn Warren (a) Todd Westfall
2005 Riverside GC Kirk Hanefeld Rob Oppenheim
John Connelly
2006 Fox Ridge GC Ricky Jones (a) Mike Baker
2007 Fox Ridge GC Todd Westfall Jerry Diphilippo
Mark Baldwin
Rich Parker
2008  Fox Ridge GC John Hickson Rich Parker
2009 Riverside GC Jim Renner John Elliott
Rob Openheim
2010 Riverside GC Dustin Cone Mark Stevens
Robert Roylance
2011 Falmouth CC Michael Carbone John Hickson
Shawn Warren
2012  Augusta CC Dustin Cone Jimmy Lytle
2013 Augusta CC Evan Harmeling Jesse Speirs
Geoffrey Sisk
2014 Augusta CC Andrew Mason Mark Purrington
2015 Augusta CC Matt Campbell David Hilgers
2016 Augusta CC Ted Brown Jon McLean                 Nicholas Pandelena
2017 Augusta CC James Dornes Geoffrey Sisk