Firstly, I feel that I must be upfront as o the inspiration of today's poll -

I happened to be scrolling through social media and saw that The Dan Patrick Show posed the question "You can only do one tomorrow - drink and celebrate St. Patrick's Day or watch the NCAA Tournament."

And having yet to come up with a Drive Poll today, I thought to myself, "You know what, that's a pretty good poll. Let's use that today." So no, today's poll is not original, nor out of my brain. But there are no laws stating that it has to be.

Now, let's imagine for a second that you find yourself in a pickle tomorrow. You intended to watch as many hours of March Madness as possible, but your friends want you to come out and celebrate St. Patrick's Day the traditional way, with a couple of drinks. And for the sake of this hypothetical, let's pretend that whatever establishment they're planning on going to is a traditional Irish pub and doesn't have a TV or the games won't be on.

What do you do then? Do you go out and have a good time or pass to sit on the couch and watch your bracket get busted?

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