In this week's Cinema Savvy with Brandon Doyen we talk about the impact of COVID-19 on the movie industry.

For a long time the industry was closed, but as theatres around the country have started to reopen, many people are not walking through the door and instead they are staying home and streaming movies.

Hollywood expected some heavily marketed, blockbuster type movies to prop the industry back up and bring people back in front of the big screen, but that has not worked as well as hoped, expected or needed.

So what does that mean about the future of movies and how they are made and released? Brandon Doyen talks about that in our weekly check in, and what it might mean for the movie viewer and for the industry.

We also looked at what streaming options are available for viewers and what you should check out.

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Listen to our full conversation with Brandon Doyen about it all here in our podcast replay.

Brandon Doyen via Facebook
Brandon Doyen via Facebook

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