There are 68 teams in the NCAA Tournament which begins with the First Four this Thursday night, and wraps up with the Final Four April 1st and 3rd, with the national champion being crowned after 67 games.

The Morning Line is offering you a chance to pick the four teams you will support through the run of March Madness.

Contestants pick one team from the 1-4 seeds in the four regions, they pick another team from the 5-8 seeds in those four regions, and another team out of the 9-12 seedings, and then one more from the bottom tier of teams 13-16. Each contestant will end up with 4 teams, we'll have 16 people taking part. And no one gets to take a duplicate team, once a team is chosen they are off the board and no one else can pick that team.

Can you get the team that wins it all? That reaches the title game, which makes it to the national semifinals?

Prizes are up for whoever makes it there.

Can you get more than one team in the final weekend?

Thursday we had our last four contestants, and the remaining 16 teams chosen, were any of them ticketed to make our callers winners? Follow along and find out.

ACC Men's Basketball Tournament - Georgia Tech v Florida State
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In the 6am Hour :
Garrett from Guilford picked : Oklahoma State / Colorado / Oregon State / Appalachian State or Norfolk State winner
Gary from Greenville picked : Virginia / Creighton / Wisconsin / Cleveland St.

In the 7am Hour we alternated so one caller wasn't just given the left overs, we let them both make selections, and it turned out to be a battle of Bucksport :
Jeremy of Bucksport chose : West Virginia / LSU / St. Bonaventure / Drexel
Rich from Bucksport chose : Purdue / Oregon / Rutgers / Mount Saint Mary's or Texas Southern winner

The Morning Line Podcast
The Morning Line Podcast

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