I guess the madness technically began last night with a pair of First Four games being played, and two more on the docket this evening, but tomorrow signals the true beginning of the greatest sporting event this country boasts.

Whether you've got a dog in the fight, have been following the action closely for months or simply fill out a bracket based on mascots, that's the beauty of March Madness, everyone can take part. Not only can everyone take part, it really doesn't seem to matter whether you've been paying attention to the College Basketball season or not, filling out the bracket is as much luck as it is skill.

So while I laugh at my fiancé as she creates her own algorithm based on mascots, team colors and interesting facts from the universities, I'm sure her bracket won't look too dissimilar to mine, with a bunch of red ink all over it once all is said and done.

For the first time ever, Mainers can now wager on the madness from the comfort of our homes.

According to the American Gaming Association, an estimated $2.72 billion could be wagered on the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments at American sportsbooks. That figure would nearly double what was bet on this year's Super Bowl ($1.4 billion).

Whether it's getting involved in an office pool, a bracket challenge with friends, or if you'll be sitting there with three screens in front of you and live betting the action, do you plan on making any wagers on this year's tournament?

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