For everyone who says the madness of March Madness only lasts the first weekend and after that it's just chalk and bluebloods, I submit to you this year's tournament. Sure, there's still two No. 1 seeds alive as the tournament shifts to Phoenix, but they're joined by Alabama - a popular choice to be upset in the opening rounds - and NC State, who wasn't even supposed to be in the tournament.

So, it's a #1, another #1, a #4 and a #11. The reigning champ, a top-team many viewed as fraudulent based on reputation, a football school and a Cinderella team.

A 5-seed or higher has now reached the Final Four in each of the last 11 years. Further proof that a bit of madness always extends this deep into the tournament. It's why March Madness is the greatest sporting event this country has to offer.

This year, the upsets were so prevalent that by the end of Friday in Round 1, no perfect brackets remained on ESPN, CBS, Yahoo or

In a year like this, if you correctly predicted half of the remaining field you're in good shape.

I thought I was in a good spot, with 13/16 Sweet 16 teams alive and 6/8 Elite 8's yet to be bounced when the games restarted last Thursday. As of this morning, I have one team still playing - UConn.

After another weekend of surprise outcomes, how is your bracket looking?

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