Many of you that are reading this are fair and honest people, who can openly admit when something has turned out for the best despite it being at a direct detriment to your team.

That's the case for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. It no longer matters whether you want to admit it or not. Brady has taken that option away from you. After finishing third in the league in passing with over 4600 yards, after throwing for 40 TD for just the 2nd time in his illustrious career and after taking over a 7-win team from a year ago and guiding them to his 14th career conference championship game, it's been a successful year for TB in TB.

There's no doubt a small faction of bitter folks who will continue to move the goal posts back no matter what he accomplishes (and you'll hear one today on The Drive from 4-6pm) but their words really don't matter any more. At this point they've dug themselves in a hole which they refuse to jump out of.

But with all that said, and my blatantly biased opinion on full display, what are your thoughts? Is it still Super Bowl or bust for Brady and the Bucs, or can the body of work for this season already be evaluated?

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