Poll #1 - While there aren't huge names involved in this year's NBA free agency, there's still been a flurry of signings over the last 24 hours to keep fans engaged as players jet off to new locations.

The NFL is king in this country, thanks in large part to its ability to dominate the headlines whether games are being played or not. But which league's off-season do you enjoy the most?

Poll #2 - Speaking of NBA free agency, has anyone paid attention to the money being handed out? It seems like if you average 20 minutes a game and 8-10ppg, you're guaranteed at least $50-million.

Then there's MLB which gets carried away with the years, signing players to 12+ year deals that you know aren't going to pan out long-term.

Or the fact that the NFL gets away with only partially guaranteed contracts.

Which sport hands out the craziest deals?

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