We're in a time where a single person is dreading a trip to the grocery store to pick up necessities for the week, and just hoping to get out of there for under $100. I won't even go down the path of what a week's worth of groceries for the family looks like. If you know, you know.

With inflation on pretty much everything, the middle class have had to borrow money to get by, which usually comes in the form of a loan (or more specifically, a credit card). It's great that this opportunity is there, but on the other hand, it's not so great to put Americans further in debt and impacting credit scores as a result.

Things like debt amount, collections, bankruptcy, and late payments are a few key factors that will impact a credit score negatively.

Not to say by any means that we haven't felt the pinch here in New England, but apparently, several New England cities are doing okay as a whole.

According to Wallethub, Portland, Maine, is tied with Boise, Idaho, at #15, with an average credit score of 711. If you're not familiar with credit score numbers, that is really good! Other New England cities ranking in the top 20 include Burlington, VT (#10 - average 714), Boston, MA (#7 - average 717), and South Burlington, VT, ranking at #1 with an average credit score of 736, which beat out San Fransisco at #2 by 14 points.

Not sure what they're doing over there in South Burlington but they're doing something right.

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