Sure there's great basketball at Tourney 2023 but Tourney time also brings mascots, bands and cheerleaders to the Cross Insurance Center.

Skippy the Mariner Photo Chris Popper
Skippy the Mariner Photo Chris Popper

Monday morning saw the arrival of Skippy the Mariner with his accordion and the Deer-Isle Stonington Band!

Saturday, I believe it was the Machias Bulldog's Cheerleaders who were calling out their Girl's Basketball Team members every time they made a free throw shot. I've been to over 50 plus games this winter and it's the first time I've seen that, and I loved it. I wish more schools would do something like that!

The cheerleaders spend hours making banners for the teams to run through. These cheerleaders are a huge part of the games. Kudos to the Presque Isle and Caribou Schools who not only had their teams staying overnight in preparation for the games, but the bands and cheerleaders as well!

The bands add so much! There's nothing like Jesus Christ Superstar played by the MDI Pep Band!

Enjoy the rest of the Tournament! Remember we will have box scores and recaps of all the games from the Cross Insurance Center right here on The Ticket's website.

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