Sports agent Sean Stellato spent years writing the book 'No Backing Down' and now he is bound and determined to get the story on the big silver screen. His former coach, Ken Perrone, can't wait for that day to happen.

Both men were at Brewer High School Thursday morning to speak with student-athletes about perseverance in sports and life.

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Perrone is a Hall of Fame football coach at Brewer and John Bapst. He then went on to a Hall of Fame career coaching in Massachusetts. Stellato is now a sports agent representing players such as Nate Ebner of the Patriots. He was Perrone's quarterback at Salem HS.

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Back in 1994, Perrone coached Salem football while a teacher's strike was going on during the season. The story of what happened to that team and to Perrone is chronicled in 'No Backing Down', now in its second printing.

Stellato is working with Hollywood screenwriter Angelo Pizzo on making the book into a movie. Pizzo is the award winning producer/screenwriter for the movies 'Hoosiers' and 'Rudy'.

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