Today should have been a good day in Red Sox Nation as the team formally announced Rafael Devers' 10-year, $300+ million contract.

Instead, Chaim Bloom spent much of the time explaining the recent hardships of the organization, explaining why Trevor Story may not play at all in 2023 and why you should trust the Red Sox to put a winning product on the field because "you know what we have."

Yes, Chaim, yes we do know what you have. And that's exactly why no one in Red Sox Nation is overly enthused about the upcoming 2023 season.

Originally, today's Drive Poll was going to ask, "can the Sox do anything to salvage the off-season?" But then I realized you can't salvage crap, and right now that's what most of Boston's 26-man roster looks like.

They have holes all over the diamond. They have just one All-Star caliber player in the lineup. Question marks plague the rotation, and while the 'pen is looking fairly decent compared to where it was a year ago, if the first three things we mentioned perform to their underwhelming standards, it won't matter how many arms are sitting out in right field.

Bloom offered what appeared to be an impassioned plea to fans at today's press conference, saying:

"You know who we have and you know there's more coming. And you know it's not always linear, it's not always easy. We've taken a couple haymakers, you know what? We're probably going to take a couple more. This is baseball, it's not supposed to be easy.

But I want to be clear: we're going to do this. It's gonna be awesome. We are going to get there. And I just want to thank all of you for your support, and hope it's a little clearer today."

Do you believe him?

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