Poll #1: If nothing else, the NFL is a well-oiled machine that knows how to clean up one mess by throwing another in our faces.

That's what the shield did today, coming down hard on the Miami Dolphins for having "impermissible contact" with Tom Brady in 2019-20, while he was under contract with the Patriots, in addition to tampering with then-Saints head coach Sean Payton.

Miami was docked their 1st round pick in 2023, a 3rd round pick in '24 and owner Stephen Ross has been suspended through Oct. 17 and fined $1.5-million.

And just like that, Goodell and Co. swept the Deshaun Watson fallout under the rug because now there's truly important matters, like the integrity of the league, at hand. (Please recognize that statement for the sarcasm it is...)

Basically, today's findings said the Dolphins tried to lure Brady to South Beach throughout his final year in New England (a no-no) and continued to do so through last year in Tampa Bay (also a no-no). For those curious, the NFL said Brady will not face any penalty as a result of Miami's tampering.

For Patriots fans, should this news change your feelings towards Brady?

Poll #2: Chaim Bloom made a series of seemingly incongruent moves last night, acquiring Tommy Pham from the Reds for nothing, shipping Jake Diekman to Chicago for a backup catcher and most notably dealing Christian Vazquez across the diamond to Houston.

While the return for Vazquez includes a promising power hitting minor league infielder, did the flurry of trades move the needle at all for you?

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