We began this week's run of Drive Polls by asking the question, "who should be the Patriots head coach in 2024?"

New England was less than 24 hours removed from a third-consecutive loss which put them at 1-5 for the first time under Bill Belichick's control.

Bill claimed the slight edge, with 27.7% saying they want the G.O.A.T. back for another year, followed by 25% who said they would rather see the top NFL candidate (OC or DC) to get the job while 20.5% answered Mike Vrabel and 19.6% said they want Jerod Mayo.

Bill's grasp on his empire appears tenuous at the moment.

So much so that Mike Giardi of the Boston Sports Journal reported, “plenty of folks in the upper reaches of the building would rather have more losses than a win or two that could cost draft positioning. In fact, some are already talking about next year.”

And while most of Patriots Nation seems to be singing the same tune of "I've seen enough" when it comes to Mac Jones as this team's QB, Tom E. Curran, one of the most trusted Pats reporters around, gave the 3rd year QB an 87% chance to return as Patriots QB for a 4th season.

Do you think the head coach or QB is more likely to return to their role next season?

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