We're 60 games into 162 in the 2024 season for the Boston Red Sox and the team is 30-30.

Frankly, if you ask most Red Sox fans, that 30-30 mark is pretty respectable based on the expectations, or lack thereof, in the team entering the season.

But not if you ask Sam Kennedy, Red Sox President and master puppet of John Henry. No, ole Sammy is still holding the club to the highest of standards, even though, you know, ownership stopped seriously investing in the MLB product several years ago and now just makes false promises while expecting the fanbase to fall in line with the narratives they spew.

"I don't think so...we're right at the .500 mark here...but I don't think we've overperformed. If anything, we've underperformed just given the talent and competitiveness in that clubhouse." That was Mr. Kennedy's response when asked Thursday morning on WEEI if this team has overperformed to this point in the season.

Now granted, I don't have Sam's millions to plug my ears and cover my eyes with, but it's tough for me to see how someone can be that blatantly hypocritical. As an arm of ownership for him to say the team is a bit of a let down when the only let down is in financial support from the people tasked with being "stewards of the franchise" as they like to put it.

Well, they're stewarding it right apathetic obscurity, but apparently they want you to think it's the player's faults and not their own.

Alex Cora was asked to respond to Kennedy's comments on Friday. Here's what the skipper had to say:

“I actually talked to Sam today,” Cora said. “We are who we are — under .500. We have expectations just like everybody else. We haven’t played well in certain aspects of the game, but there’s a lot of positives going on.

“But I talked to him, we’re good,” Cora added. “He said we underachieved and then over. … He was all over the place. That’s Sam. First of all, there’s nothing going on between us. He’s my guy. He’s been great for the organization. And second, we’re a .500 team — an under-.500 team.”

Cora seemed to not take the words too seriously. What about you?

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