Alright, folks. It's time to get down to the brass tacks for the New England Patriots' upcoming season. Wins and losses. In the end, it's all that matters.

Most everywhere you look, whether it's Vegas or the various online outlets, the Patriots are placed at 8.5 wins, straddling the line of over-.500 vs. under-.500 in the new NFL.

For proper perspective when making your decision, here's the Pats' full schedule in 2022:

W1 @ MIA; W2 @ PIT; W3 vs. BAL; W4 @ GB; W5 vs. DET; W6 @ CLE; W7 vs. CHI; W8 @ NYJ; W9 vs. IND; W10 *bye*; W11 vs. NYJ; W12 @ MIN; W13 vs. BUF; W14 @ AZ; W15 @ LV; W16 vs. CIN; W17 vs. MIA; W18 @ BUF.

They had 10 wins a year ago. Can the Pats get back to that mark, or even exceed it, this year? Or do you thinks fans should temper their expectations heading into the new season?

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