Wow. Just, wow. Even a day later, I'm still searching for the words to adequately explain just exactly what we saw.

Debacle, fiasco, disaster, they all just seem to fall short of the sheer ineptitude the New England Patriots displayed as they literally threw away a win, and in all likelihood, their playoff hopes yesterday in Sin City.

After the game, I received a text in the show chat from fellow Drive host Aaron Jackson, who was just exiting Raymond James Stadium following the Buccaneers' own collapse vs. Cincinnati. Aaron asked, "I'm walking out of the Bucs second half meltdown. How did [the Pats] blow it?"

To which Jim Churchill responded, "You would not believe it if we told you." That's really the only way what transpired can be described.

It's worse than the Butt Fumble. It's worse than the Miami Miracle. It was entirely unnecessary and inexcusable. A failure at every level - play calling, execution, coaching, all of it was burning rubbish on that final play.

Yet, despite all of that, I'm not overly shook up by it today. Shocking? Yes. Surprising? No.

Sadly, it's not that astounding that this team would manage to shoot themselves in the foot that incredibly. It's been the case all season long, and really is part of a multi-year pattern of situational stupidity by the franchise that for 20 years sat back and giggled as other teams crumbled in the crucial moments.

Rant over.

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