The defending NFC champion Eagles fly in to Foxborough this Sunday to kick off the 2023 season.

It should be an absolutely electric atmosphere at Gillette, with Tom Brady in the house and the new massive scoreboard in place to serve as a sound wall and keep all the noise inside the stadium.

But how much will the Pats give the fans to cheer for? Do we really have any idea yet? Reasons for optimism seem to be based on two factors, neither of which there's much tape on to look at and say, "yep, that right there is why the Pats will succeed in 2023."

First, Bill O'Brien. A real OC, one who utilizes all facets of modern NFL offensive schemes. Second, well, it's really one joint practice in Green Bay where the Pats, according to those in attendance, whopped the Packers all day long.

The preseason games didn't offer much, apart from trying to read between the lines based on who was playing and who was on the sideline holding their helmet.

The reasons for pessimism, well, those are more prevalent around this team. Vegas projects them as a 7 or 8 win team. Most analysts have the Pats as the 4th-best team in the division and mired in the middle of the pack, outside the playoff picture in the AFC.

The start to the season will be a tough test, not only Sunday vs. Philly, but also the three games to follow - vs. Miami, at the Jets and at Dallas.

So what in your mind would get the Pats off on the right foot in 2023? Is it a win, or would something less than that suffice?

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