With half a dozen games remaining in the 2023 regular season for the Patriots, it seems increasingly likely that they will be the final six games of Bill Belichick's coaching career in Foxborough.

With the Pats at 2-9, rock bottom during the ownership of Robert Kraft, speculation has run wild in recent weeks around Belichick plotting the course for his next NFL destination.

ESPN's Dan Orlovsky said a few weeks back that he's heard Bill's next team is already set, which prompted WEEI to ask the man himself that very question last week, to which Bill responded, "that's ridiculous." But as we know, he's not exactly one to share his inner feelings.

In recent days, the Boston Globe's Ben Volin said to keep an eye on Bill to Carolina, while old friend Cam Newton said Panthers' owner David Tepper's preference would be to hire Belichick this offseason.

The coach's contract with the Pats remains a mystery, but the one thing we do know is that he signed a "lucrative multi-year extension" last off-season. While we don't know the terms, the word "multi-year" makes it pretty clear he's under contract moving forward, meaning the split would have to come one of three ways - Kraft fires Belichick, Belichick resigns from his job, or the Pats work out a trade with another organization.

It's almost history repeating itself for Kraft, who had to deal a 1st Rd. pick to the New York Jets back in 2000 to acquire Belichick's rights. So assuming Kraft doesn't outright can Bill - as he'll certainly want to get the most value he can - and also assuming Bill is too stubborn to simply resign and relinquish the remaining money he's owed, a trade seems like the most likely path to the impending divorce.

Though '23 has proved to be the least successful season of Belichick's coaching career, there will still be many teams lining up to acquire the G.O.A.T., with the Chargers, Panthers, Commanders, Bears and Raiders already being linked.

Should a team want to swing a deal for Bill, how much can Kraft and the Pats hold out for?

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