We're getting a little random today as we inch closer and closer to the dog days of summer. The sports news begins to slow down, which means the segments have to get a little more creative.

I don't know about you, but I haven't been able to watch TV - or listen to the radio for that matter - lately without getting hit with a commercial for the new Indiana Jones movie coming out tomorrow.

A franchise that was a little before my time, I can't say I'm too big of a fan nor will I be rushing to the theaters this weekend, but one thing I do know about ole Indy, it's got one hell of a theme song.

And I guess that's the true making of a good theme, right? Whether you're a fan of the movie or not, the song is still so massively popular that many know exactly where it's from.

So I've gathered together some songs I believe fit in that category - whether you've seen the movie or not, you still have heard and know the song.

Which is your favorite?

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