Super Wild Card Weekend is back in the NFL. A double-header Saturday night, followed by a triple-header on Sunday, then the G.O.A.T. takes on America's team on Monday Night.

Vegas seems a bit split as to whether or not we'll get compelling action on the field. Three of the games - Seattle @ San Francisco, Miami at Buffalo, and Baltimore at Cincinnati - all feature spreads of 9.5 points, 13 points and 9-points, respectively. All in favor of the home teams.

The other games - L.A. Chargers @ Jacksonville (+2.5), N.Y. Giants @ Minnesota (-3) and Dallas @ Tampa Bay (+2.5) - are all much closer in the eyes of Sin City.

For a little more analysis, here's Five Thirty Eight's team-by-team projections for odds to win this weekend:

- Buffalo (94%), San Francisco (81%), Cincinnati (80%), Minnesota (67%), Dallas (60%), Jacksonville (59%), Chargers (41%), Tampa Bay (40%), Giants (33%), Baltimore (20%), Seattle (19%) and Miami (6%).

For what it's worth, Five Thirty Eight lists the Chiefs (25%) as Super Bowl favorites, followed by Buffalo (22%), Philadelphia (20%) and San Francisco (14%).

So, it appears as though we may be in for a good amount of chalk this postseason. But that's why they play the games!

Which contest will be the tightest of this weekend's lineup?


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