The vast majority of the Boston Celtics 2022-23 regular season has gone swimmingly to date.

Apart from dropping 3-of-4 in the second week of the season, 5-of-6 from Dec. 10-21, 3-in-a-row in late January and this most recent skid (lost 3-of-4), the C's have been just about the best team in the league every other night.

Of course, now as we hone in on the playoffs, any loss will receive a bit more scrutiny, as has been the case with the last two. Boston blew a big lead to Brooklyn on Friday night, and followed it up by going cold at the worst time in last night's double-OT loss to the Knicks.

In the last week, the C's have slipped out of the top spot in the Eastern Conference, though that can really be attributed more to Milwaukee's 15-game win-streak than it can any Celtics struggles.

For the most part, Boston's troubles this season have been confined to a handful of teams. Including tonight's opponent, Cleveland. The C's are 7-12 this year against the Magic, Knicks, Cavs, Heat and Bulls. They're 38-8 against the rest of the NBA.

They've got 17 games remaining in the regular season to get players healthy and solve whatever issues may be plaguing them at the moment. If the first 65 games were any indication, chances are they'll be just fine.

But what do you think? Are you starting to get concerned with the C's? If not, what would it take to get you to that point?

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