Welcome to March...oh, how sweet those words sound. The greatest event on the sports calendar is just a couple weeks away, but is that enough to make March the greatest month on the sports calendar?

Let's meet the candidates...

February: 1) Super Bowl, 2) The Tourney [at least, in our neck of the woods], 3) NBA, NHL regular season/All-Star games

March: 1) Self-explanatory...MARCH MADNESS, 2) MLB Opening Day [depending on the year], 3) NBA/NHL regular season

April: 1) MLB Opening Day [again, depending on the year], 2) The Masters, 3) NBA/NHL playoffs begin

September: 1) NFL kicks off, 2) MLB pennant fever

November: 1) NFL, 2) World Series games [series dependent], 3) College basketball tip-off, 4) NBA/NHL regular season, 5) TURKEY DAY [and all the sports that comes with it]

Which one is your favorite time of the sports year?

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